If it drives, flies or floats and is hard to keep clean, Gorilla Powersport Products are a perfect fit. After a rigorous session with dirt bikes or all-terrain vehicles, foam away heavy soil with Gorilla Off-Road Wash. Use Gorilla Wash ‘N Wax to clean jet skis, motorcycles and boats. Gorilla Cleaner ‘N Degreaser, Gorilla Shine ‘N Protectant, Gorilla Vinyl Seat & Upholstery Cleaner ‘N Protectant, Carbon Cutter, Gorilla Enzymatic Odor Killer and round out the line.

Off-Road Wash

  • Off-Road Wash is a concentrated, biodegradable formulation designed to remove all grime and mud encountered off-road without stripping lubrication.
  • Safely remove soil by adding a couple ounces to a foam gun, cannon or bucket leaving your vehicles spot free.
  • Gorilla Powersport Products are safe for all surfaces. They are designed to enhance the look and value of your vehicles.

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  • Wash ‘N Wax is a concentrated, biodegradable formulation that attacks dirt and grime while leaving a shiny, protective finish in one step.
  • Perfect for use in any foam gun, cannon or bucket providing a thick foam layer to extend the life of your vehicle’s finish.
  • Wash ‘N Wax provides a pH neutral, non-corrosive formula allowing for a thorough wash without stripping pre-existing sealants or wax.

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Shine ‘N Protectant

  • Shine ‘N Protectant is a biodegradable, water-based product designed to maintain the life, look, and value of your vehicles.
  • Safe to spray on plastic, rubber, vinyl, and more to instantly renew, restore, and shine surfaces.
  • Protect surfaces with a temporary coating to prevent debris build-up and protect against corrosion.

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Cleaner ‘N Degreaser

  • Cleaner ‘N Degreaser is a non-caustic, citrus-based degreaser designed to loosen and eliminate grease, grime, oil, and dirt.
  • Spray product onto heavily soiled areas and rinse or wipe clean.
  • Gorilla Powersport Products Cleaner ‘N Degreaser is extremely versatile in any situation, attacking dirt and grease.

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Vinyl & Upholstery
Cleaner ‘N Protectant

  • Vinyl & Upholstery Cleaner ‘N Protectant works to breakdown and remove stubborn stains with an eco-friendly, bleach-free formulation.
  • Restore the look and life of soiled vinyl seats on boats, side by sides, and all off-road vehicles.
  • Spray soiled surfaces and gently scrub, leaving areas residue-free!

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Carbon Cutter

  • Carbon Cutter is a concentrated, non-flammable cleaner and degreaser formulated to remove exhaust deposits, fuel stains, grease and grime.
  • Perfect for use in any foam gun, cannon or bucket providing a thick foam layer for light cleaning.
  • For degreasing, spray product directly on affected areas to remove build-up. Rinse clean.

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Gorilla Enzymatic
Odor Killer

  • Kills “The Big Smell” at the source. Blue Ice fragrance overpowers odors fast!
  • Instantly refreshes bathrooms, drains, trash cans, pet areas, carpet and upholstery.
  • Removes that closed in musty smell from cars, campers, and RVs.
  • Completely deodorizes motorcycle gear, bike helmets, and leather sports equipment.

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