• Vinyl & Upholstery Cleaner ‘N Protectant works to breakdown and remove stubborn stains with an eco-friendly, bleach-free formulation.
    • Restore the look and life of soiled vinyl seats on boats, side by sides, and all off-road vehicles.
    • Spray soiled surfaces and gently scrub, leaving areas residue-free!
    • Wash ‘N Wax is a concentrated, biodegradable formulation that attacks dirt and grime while leaving a shiny, protective finish in one step.
    • Perfect for use in any foam gun, cannon or bucket providing a thick foam layer to extend the life of your vehicle’s finish.
    • Wash ‘N Wax provides a pH neutral, non-corrosive formula allowing for a thorough wash without stripping pre-existing sealants or wax.

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